Roses have long been used to convey our innermost feelings. Say it with roses and you have a good chance of declaring your undying love and devotion to the woman or man of your dreams. These days it is common to gift roses for Valentine’s day, birthdays, weddings or anniversaries.
But who says we only have to gift roses for obvious occasions. Instead surprise your loved one with roses when they least expect it. In additon, be different. Don’t keep giving the same flowers – be unique!
So unique, gift them our acrylic Bloom Box! We decided to create the ultimate gift using our bespoke acrylic box fit for the finest roses, available in two collections fresh and everlasting forever. Below you can find our step by step process to order your very own bespoke box, whether it's a gift for your home or a gift for a special loved one.


select your box


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Made from fresh flowers, our preserved roses have a lifespan of longer than one year provided they are not exposed to sunlight, excessive heat or moisture. These beautiful roses come in a variety of natural shades and vibrant colours. They do not require any maintenance! One of the most commonly asked questions is, are these artificial? NO! These are real roses preserved to last longer. The process is simple; the natural sap in the rose is replaced with a mixture of glycerine, water and colouring. Leaving the rose with its natural softness, silky shine and strong colour.


Our beautiful blooming Fresh roses are available in 6 unique colours. They are handpicked on the morning of delivery, and carefully arranged in our acrylic boxes making a lasting impression. We guarantee that our flowers will look beautiful for at least two weeks. Flower food and water is included.


select your extras

To finish your box off nicely, we have included a drawer on the bottom to add your extras. Another excuse to add your favourite treats, or simply opt for the crystal bed if you're placing a gift in the drawer. More images can be seen in our gallery.



personalise your box

Personalisation is a lovely way to gift this beautiful box, as it becomes bespoke and custom just for your loved ones. We can add a small custom message, the bride/grooms names or initials and even duas/ayahs. It's really up to you!


arrange your delivery

Nationwide delivery via our courier is available for our 'Forever Collection' in both Petite and Deluxe size. You also have the option to collect the box from our warehouse in Bradford city centre for FREE. Our 'Fresh Collection' cannot be delivered as the box requires water, however you can choose to collect the 'Fresh Collection' or we can hand deliver in West Yorkshire. A small charge will apply based on the location.


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